Sunday, June 26, 2011

Taiwan Day 31 until Day 33: 27 JUNE 2011 until 29 JUNE 2011

HAPPY or SAD?!*Complicated feeling*

This going to be my last week teaching Standard one to five. I only left last three days for this week, after this going to have preparation for Summer Camp next week.

Thus, I'm going to compress three day posts as one post (just to make it longer ;> as not much activities for these few days)

So, not much special for these three days. As usual I'm teaching them some simple Malaysia cultures and some basic English vocabulary together with "banana dance". They are always excited not only in the class but also outside the class. All the kids love to ask a lot of questions about Malaysia or even about myself. They are really cute and funny sometimes. I love them!!! :) You can spot their cute cute faces during dancing and even singing session. They always pay full attention because all of these are new to them and they feel so happy!

Not much description for this post as it is only about teaching in class. So, enjoy the pictures! Let's spot their cute faces! =D

*I'm teaching Malaysia cultures*

*surrounded by kids - they are asking a lot of questions*

*cute? They are so concentrate in the class*

*Class photo 1*

*Class photo 2*

*Class photo 3*

*Class photo 4*

*Class photo 5*

*Class photo 6*

*Class photo 7*

*Class photo 8*

*Class photo 9*

*Class photo 10*

Taiwan Day 30: 26 JUNE 2011 (野柳地質公園 + 基隆廟口夜市)

S.U.N.D.A.Y is here~! *bigbig smile*

Sunday suppose to be my family day if I'm in Malaysia... :>

Anywhere, today, 里长 brought his wife, one charming sister, Shi Jie and I wen t to 野柳地質公園 - YehLiu Geopark. First I though this geopark is just a small area and nothing much to see because actually I'm not so interested in all the rocks thingy. But, after I went in to the entrance, I LOVE it so much! It really an eye-opener for me! The environment and scenery here is just so nice and awesome~ I fall in love here...Although the weather is hot here, but we enjoy very much and we have a wonderful tour guide which is 里长. He keeps explain to us about the history and so on... :D

Here are some links you can know more about the Geopark!



*entrance - LET'S GO!*

Here we go!!! We going to explore the geopark and search for different kind of rocks.

*the sign board - different rocks*

We walk around to snap some pictures. :) We walk up to the hill and snap the view of whole YehLiu Geopark.

*野柳地質公園 - YehLiu Geopark*

Main point is here! :D

Queen' head!!!

Actually all the tourist come to YehLiu Geopark is just to see the Queen's head! We have to queue to take picture with Queen's head! From our 里长 explanation, we know that this queen's head almost break after few years later. Therefore, everyone comes to see it before it is really break into half. You can look at the neck of Queen's head here, is getting thinner and thinner. So, if you have a chance, you can come here to have a look, once in a life time, who know one day it really break and your photo here may becomes "antique". Haha! =D *joking*

*the famous Queen's Head - 女王頭*

After our geopark trip, here we go to the famous night market in KeeLung, in chinese is 基隆廟口夜市. A lot of nice and delicious foods you can find here. Since 里长 quiet familiar here, so he directly went to few stalls which served delicious foods. We have our seats and start to eat!!! =) *eat is my favorite*

Here really full of people although got a little bit rain that time. =) Taiwan people is really crazy of foods especially all those famous foods in night market.

*基隆廟口夜市 - KeeLung Night Market*

Taiwan Day 29: 25 JUNE 2011 (北海岸风景区)

Spell S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y!

I love weekend!

里长 drove his huge car and brought Shi Jie and I, head north to 北海岸风景区.

First, we stop at 金山老街, which is famous of duck meat (according to what 里长 introduce us). Thus, we have our lunch here and have a walk.


*Our lunch - duck meat*

Here come our lunch! Really full after meal. :) ^^Satisfied!

*Meat, Vegetables, Fish......*

After heavy lunch, we should have a walk here. When we walk along the street, here we found another nice delicious food, which is 地瓜. This special 地瓜 is cover by a little bit of honey (look golden-ish) , and it is really yummy. I miss it so much~ Can I have delivery service?! =)

*Golden-ish 地瓜*

Next, we went to one coffee shop and have a wonderful tea time session with 里长. I seldom have such a wonderful moment like that, it is really awesome! The coffee shop is near to the beach and up to the hill, a lovely special feeling will come into your mind, a perfect place for relaxation.

*DEBUT CAFE - 自家烘焙咖啡馆*

If you know me, you should know that I dislike coffee, right?! Because coffee make me feel unwell and sometimes it makes me gastric. But, I take this challenge and have a try when I come to here, because this is the only chance I can sit in this wonderful restaurant to have a cup of coffee and enjoying my tea time session. Thus, 里长 help us to order the most famous coffee here. :>

*One set = coffee + cake*

*Another set of coffee and cake*

*We have our tea time together! :)*

After that, we went to ShiMen Arch (石门洞). A beautiful beach is just in front of us. We quickly walk to the beach and have a nice walk along the seaside and also walk across the little bridge.

*Beach + Bridge*

...A tired day end... =)

Taiwan Day 28: 24 JUNE 2011

Back to School!!!

Today is my first day enter Standard 1 to 5 classroom. After Standard 6 students graduate, now is time to approach other students in the school.

What you can imagine when all the cute little kids sit in front of you and you stand in front of them and they stare at you with a lot of questions in their mind?!

Can you imagine that I stand in front of them and teach them by using my soft voice?!

I never ever imagine myself standing in front of the classroom which full of Standard 1 students, because I hate kids before that, seriously. You never know what you hate now one day might be what you have to face it and accept it. But, what came to my mind when I saw them was I have to love them because they are cute!!! They always greet me with their charming cute smile, so adorable. Thus, I decided to change my mind and share with them What is Malaysia. As you know, kids always pop out those a little bit stupid and weird questions. These are the questions kids always ask, because they curious about it, especially those Malaysia culture. I always took some times to explain nicely to them.

*One of the class, cute little boys and girls!*

*another class! Took it before class. Let's start the class now!*

After few classes, is time for lunch~

Here is my lunch box for today! :)

*Lunch Time*

So, what to do at night time after class today?! >,^

We took out our guide book again and search some nice place to visit.

Today, we decided to go somewhere near floral exhibition. We walk around and went to nearest night market to have our dinner (As you know Taiwan famous of Night Market).

*Flora Exhibition 2011 logo*

*One of the night market for tonight*

*Another night market...*

Here we go! We try another stall of 豆花 here. This is really nice and delicious! I guess I addicted to 豆花 nowadays especially Taiwan's traditional 豆花.


*The 豆花 is so smooth! Yummy~*

Taiwan Day 27: 23 JUNE 2011

Day 2 of wall painting......

Everyone is gather in front of the house and get ready for wall painting. All the students were so excited and came at 7.30am sharp. They quickly pour out the colors and paint on the wall. They enjoyed so much and keep chit chatting while painting. Under the hot weather, they still do their job well. :)

*half way work - more to go~!*

*we use this ladder to climb up for painting upper part of the wall*

*Shi Jie and I make a hand print on the wall*

Night time, we always wanted to go some places to have our dinner and look around. Thus, we decided to took out our guide book and search for it.

This time we decided to go Ban Chiao area (板橋).

Today, MongHuey comes all the way from JhuShan Township, Nantou District (南投縣竹山鎮) to Taipei and stay together with us. We meet at MRT station and walk to Ban Chiao Night Market (板橋觀光夜市).

Here we go!!! We grab and taste all the famous foods here. The most famous and a-must-taste food is 豆花, which is our favorite food in Taiwan! ^^

*Ban Chiao Night Market (板橋觀光夜市)*

*This is the shop! A lot of Taiwan artist came before*

*All kind of 豆花 mix with fruits - look yummy right?!*

Taiwan Day 26: 22 JUNE 2011 (墙壁彩绘活动)

Wall Painting Here I Come! =)

Finally, we decided today and the next day for wall painting. Wall painting is one of my JD in this exchange. This is my first time do wall painting. I guess this will be my wonderful experience in Taiwan. :D

I never ever think of I can paint on the wall because my art work is not that good even draw on a piece of paper. Now, this is really a big big challenge for me that I going to draw and paint on the wall. Let's see how it look like at the end. Stay Tune! *^^*

*Discussion and design for the wall painting*

里长 go and buy all the material and colors for our wall painting activities, such as brushes, all colors, and cups for fill in color and others.

Everything is ready and S.T.A.R.T! :)

*All colors are here*

*All sizes of brushes*

All the standard six students start their job. They draw their own cartoon or animal on the wall. Everyone busy drawing on the wall. They feel very excited because also their first time participate in wall painting.

*she is concentrate on drawing her cute monkey on the wall*

*Shi Jie starts color her tree*

*I start to paint the wall now*

Everyone is tired after 4.30pm... Anyhow, we really enjoy very much here!

Wall painting will be continue the next day! :)

At the night, we plan to go to 美丽华 (Miramar) shopping mall. This is consider a high class shopping mall in the town area. Miramar Entertainment Park (美丽华百乐园) is in the Dazhi (大直) area in Zhongshan District of Taipei, Taiwan.

On the roof of Miramar shopping mall, there is a rooftop ferris wheel, which is very famous and it is second tallest in Taiwan.

*Miramar Entertainment Park (美丽华百乐园)*

*Shi Jie and I went up to the rooftop and have a ride*