Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taiwan Day 20: 16 JUNE 2011 (师大夜市+水準書局)

Talk about Accommodation and Food to students. Can you imagine that I going to explain about Malaysia's food? Since I'm getting fat because of foods, thus I talk non stop about foods! I explain about the ingredient of the food, price and where can get it. They keep said want to eat and have a try. Unfortunately, I can't make it at here. :<

For the accommodation, I showed them all the Malays houses. Haha! Luckily I have been to Malacca Mini Malaysia and Sarawak Cultural Village! Now I know how to explain to them well~ => If not I have to study a lot before that. Now I know that travel around Malaysia to historical or cultural landmarks is so useful! As an exchange student I have to know it! :D

*Talk about Accommodation*

*topic - FOODS! on the screen is about teh tarik*

I love my lunch today! It is a complete meal!!! ^^ I LOVE IT!!!

*my bento (meat, vege), soup, milk, cake*

After school, we went back to our sweet room and start take out our guide book and flip!!! Time to go out for dinner and visit some places. =D

师大夜市 here we come again!~ (: All the foods we ate are introduce in our guide book. So, we try all the nice foods here.

*first stop at 潤餅捲-one of the famous hawker food*

*second stop at 阿鑫麵線*

*third stop at 北港豆花 - Taiwan dessert!*

Shi Jie and I went to bookstore!!! *surprise that I went to bookstore?* =) YES! I went in and search some books.

Since the book introduce this bookstore, so we went there and have a look. I did not buy any book, but Shi Jie do bought one. The boss is so kind and he give so much discount. He loves reading book, that's why he wants to sell cheap book to everyone, so that everyone afford to buy more books. =D


*inside the bookstore, full of books!*

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